TOM.40106 Caudron-Renault CR.714 C1
[TOM 40106]

Caudron-Renault CR.714 C1

The CR.714 had its roots in the C.561, a racing aircraft built for a competition in Paris in 1936.  After two more years of development and two more prototypes (the C.710 and C.713), the C.714 was presented to the l'Armee de l'Air in 1938.  Although its performance was typical for the day, the design had several advantages.  First, it was primarily constructed of non-strategic materials (i.e., wood), and used a readily available engine.  Second, the plane took about ½ the time to build as a MS.406 (p. W:RH42).  An initial order for 20 planes was placed, with an option for 180 more.The availability of other, faster planes (such as the MS.406, Bloch 152 and D.520) reduced the l'Armee de l'Air's affection for the plane.  The production contract was reduced to 83.  Five were used as trainers, six sent to Finland, and the rest used to equip French squadrons.  Many CR.714s never reached combat status for want of weapons, propellers, and other equipment.  In combat, the C.714 saw its most extensive action in the hands of Polish pilots of the Groupe de Chasse I/145.  In the course of 5 days, the GC I/145 was credited with 7 victories, but was soon overrun by the German advance.  The Germans seized 20 incomplete C.714s which were then used as trainers.  The Vichy French possessed eight C.714s, but none of these aircraft saw combat.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • CR-714C1 Ilvailoimat - Finnish Air Force - Maintenace personnel School, Finland, 1941.

  • CR.714 Sh.JG Luftwaffe, Rochefort Air Base, 1940-1941.

  • CR.714 C-1 I/145 Squadron "Warszawski" Armee I'Aire, Dreux Air Base, June 1940.

  • CR-714C1 Vichy Air Force - 1941.


  • Lang; 104.8mm

  • Spanwijdte 148.9mm

Aantal onderdelen; 29.

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